Hi, my name is Ash and I am obsessed with engineering impact!

I am an Engineer

(read: nerd + problem solver)

I am a Leader

(read: pragmatic, visionary who knows how to serve and influence others)

I am a Mom

(read: works well under pressure & practices negotiation on the daily)

I am a Wife

(read: skilled at conflict resolution)

But most importantly (to you)…

I am also someone who knows how to get the absolute best results in the shortest possible time using proven methods.

(read: practical, fluff-free guidance)

A first generation college graduate and chemical engineer, I set out in the corporate world to make a significant, positive impact.  What I discovered is it was my natural strengths as a leader, not my highly developed technical skills, that set me apart and skyrocketed my career.

Within 5 years, I went from being a clueless engineering co-op to leading a team of engineering subject matter experts focused on equipment reliability at a Fortune 500 company….all because I know how to apply technical AND leadership skills to get engineering expertise implemented.  

Now, I teach engineers how to improve their impact through professional and leadership development.  

Why should you trust me with your engineering leadership development?

My engineering leadership guidance has been featured in Inc., Fast Company, Women’s Health, Diversity/Careers Magazine  and a few other awesome places on the internet. I’ve also had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, Electric Power Research Institute International Conference, and Young Women LEAD Conference.

2015 Next Generation Leader Award *Winner* for Science / Technology / Manufacturing.

Ash Norton Engineering Leadership grew out of my passion for helping other engineers develop, setting the foundation for a productive and successful career and life!  While I am still growing and developing, I am excited to be sharing my lessons learned with you along the way.

But am I really effective in helping other engineers develop?

My passion for development and helping others has driven me to personally mentor dozens of new and aspiring engineers.  Additionally, I created a development plan to support the continued growth of hundreds of engineers, from engineering coop students to principal engineers.

Don’t just take my word for it!  

Check out the praise from engineers whom I have helped! 

When I am not crushing it in the engineering arena – or mentoring others – I enjoy geocaching and hiking,  and spending time with my husband Ryan and our children (Liam, Lucy, and Levi!).

Seriously though – Want the best career advice for reaching your own six-figure success?

PS – You’ll get access to our FREE library of resources, too!


Let me help you Engineer with Impact!